Corned Beef Brisket – Fudgy Style


1 large corned beef brisket

2-10oz cans of chicken broth

½ cup Dijon mustard


The brisket will come in a plastic bag – cut the bag completely at on end – remove the brisket and place in a large oven ready pan that has a lid – remove spice packet from bag and sprinkle contents over the brisket – pour 1 can of chicken broth into the bag and swirl until all of the packaging gel is incorporated with broth – pour this mixture over the brisket – with other can add mustard and combine – pour over the brisket – cover and place into a 325 degree oven for appx 5 hours – remove to cutting board and slice – place back in broth and cover – back into oven for another 45 minutes – enjoy


Note: with 1 hour left in the cooking process you can add some potatoes to the brisket mixture – they are excellent