When you hire a listing agent one needs to define the purpose of their employment.  Most people believe that an agent is hired to sell their property and that is not the case.  No one sells your property, the only person that triggers a real estate transaction is the BUYER.  When a buyer finds a property that meets their parameters then the purchase will move forward.  So, when people tell you they will sell your home quickly, be a little suspect.  You are hiring someone to market your            home – advertise it in all venues possible – we do that.  we offer our Clients complete and comprehensive services.   These services equal or exceed what is done in the market by any other real estate company. to market, advertise your home plain and simple and we do that as well if not better than anyone else you can hire and we will save you money.  we offer a full service MLS listing with all of the Internet marketing, virtual tour, automated feedback – nothing left undone!!

my services

  • Marketing analysis to determine correct pricing
    This is the single most important part of marketing a home, over pricing your property is the greatest encumbrance to a sale
  • Signage, info box with professionally done color flyers
    The National Association of Realtors statistic reflects that 70% of all calls come from the sign.  Complete marketing materials on your home are a must, so as to provide the drive by Buyer with a detailed description of your home
  • Complete Internet Marketing
    MLS, Realtor.com, Internet (Google) – 92% of home purchases over last 2 years started with an Internet search
    Marketing tips from the National Association of Realtors
    These tips make suggestions on preparing your home to be shown for sale.  Some of the items you can do, others you cannot.
  • Qualify the prospective Buyer
    Whether the Buyer is generated through another Agent or through HRE, the Buyer will be  qualified so that there is assurance that the contract can be completed.
  • Draft the purchase agreement-if necessary, along with all necessary additional paperwork (i.e.        Addendums)
  • Advise in negotiations
    HRE will provide you with all of the  information necessary so that you can make an informed  decision.
  • Sellers net sheet
    This will list all of the costs that a Seller will have in association with closing the sale
  • Handle all necessary inspections (CL-100 & Buyer’s home)
    Typically, the Seller procures the CL-100, this can be done by HRE for our Client.  The buyer  will have a home inspection performed.  The inspection is delivered to Trident and assessments are made as to your contractual responsibility.
  • Funnel all necessary information to attorneys/mortgage companies HRE will insure that all parties have the necessary documents so that we can  proceed to a smooth closing
  • Attend closing with our Client, the Seller
    HRE will review the closing statement with the Seller and is prepared to answer any questions that might arise regarding the transaction
  • Commission  – 3.5% total real estate commission

Let me and HRE do the job!  call me today!

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