To continue my philosophy of saving our Clients money, we offer the homebuyer a program that pays the Buyer for using us as their Buyer’s Agent.  We have highly qualified, professional and experienced agents meet with the Buyer and create a list of all of the parameters that a property must have to satisfy the Buyer’s needs including area, price, size and other significant features like the right space, design and condition.  We will then find and present the Buyer with printouts and photos of properties that match their parameters.  The Buyer will have the opportunity to select the properties that they wish to visit and we will arrange the visit and accompany the Buyer on all visits.  After selecting a property, we will provide the Buyer will all necessary market data so that the Buyer can make an informed decision in regards to an offer on the property.
After ratification of the contract, we will handle all of the necessary issues that will take the contract to a smooth and amicable closing.  Now, the best part, at the time of closing, we will present the Buyer with a check for a
% of the commission that is paid. This program is an exclusive and is truly a huge plus for the Buyer and is a continuation of the our philosophy of savings, savings, savings.